Getting to Know God


Please don't stay away from God because we have been so inept. Despite it all we want you to know Him who is so marvellous to us.

Please be forgiving towards Christians

Many Christians will not be able to help you with the information presented here. They may appear to you to be uncaring, small-minded, parochial, lacking compassion and wrapped up in themselves as they rush about doing their "religious" thing.

But please be merciful towards them in your own heart. Too often they are fed a diet of a mixture of false and true teachings that are designed to be holding the church organisations together. In fact it doesn't. The Holy Spirit sustains the Church.

I, myself, believed and taught some of these teachings in the past. I was sincere, but, of course, I was also selfish and weak and worried about what people thought about me. I still do but less than I used to. Christians are just the same as you: we are human with all the human frailties that others have. Only as we allow Christ to be formed in us can we begin to change.

So if the Christians you know come across as arrogant, believing they are better than other religious groups or they seem to be uncaring when they tell you you're going to hell unless you join them - then please don't take offence.


How to Get to Know God Yourself

The conclusion of my thoughts is that God is great. He is wonderful love and he is in total control of the universe. He is working everything out for your ultimate good even if it seems exactly the opposite to you at the moment. Nothing is beyond his control and nothing happens that he has not purposed. He is ultimately responsible and the buck stops with him. The purpose of our being here on the earth is to please this awesome God. He has chosen to make you and me the recipients of his love for all eternity.

We are family!

The very best thing you could do is to know him more personally and the sooner the better. But don't feel under pressure by that.

Somewhere along the line, I believe you will want to know him more. So if you don't now then that's where you are at the moment. Being hidden from us now is a part of the plan of forming his loving nature in us. Being made sinful is also a part of his plan for our lives. You didn't ask to be born the way you are and God doesn't blame you for what he has made you. But he has made us to continually fall short of his loving nature and at the same time to want to love and be loved.

The brilliant truth is that he has sent Jesus to the earth to show us what God is like. More than that, he enables us to get into a relationship with God so that we can become his children and grow to be like him. There is nothing more positively wonderful than that. And if we ask him to let us get to know him he will be very pleased and will respond accordingly in a way that is just right for you.

Why not read the following prayers (which just means something to say to God) and see if there is one that fits how you feel.


Prayer 1

God, I don't actually know if you are there and if you are - what you are really like. But I do want to understand why I'm here on this earth and so, if you are who you say you are, please reveal yourself to me and help me to understand the truth. Thank you.


Prayer 2

God, I am not finding the satisfaction or fulfilment in life that I want and I think that I need your help. I do things that I'm not proud of and this idea of you being pure love seems almost too good to be true but I want to find out for myself. Please work a miracle and show me the truth about yourself. Thank you.


Prayer 3

Dear God. I was brought up to believe in you but it didn't really take and so I have drifted away. Please forgive me and help me to get back to you. Please give me the desire to follow you and to know you more and to love you. Thank you in Jesus' name.


Prayer 4

Dear God, I have been turned off church but I have used that as an excuse to turn my back on you. I'm truly sorry and ask you to forgive me and ask that we can be friends again. I will need your help to be faithful and so I am asking that you give me that help through the Holy Spirit. Thank you for loving me.


God will hear all of these prayers when said from the heart. They are just examples and you can say your own words. In fact, as long as you mean what you say you need only say "Help" and he will respond.

Please let me know if you have started to talk to God and also what he then begins to do for you. It will encourage me, and if appropriate, with your permission, we can encourage others with it too.

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The End of the Matter

Love changes everything

That's the message that I have for you. There truly is a God and he is perfect love. His heart of love is centred on you and me. We and all mankind are the focus of his attention and affection. He has a plan to bring us all, at the appropriate times, into his divine family to live with him for eternity as his children.

Love never fails. The love of God will never fail you. You may not believe in God yet, but don't worry. He believes in you. He has a purpose for making you and that purpose is to be with him and bring pleasure to him for eternity.

That's the gospel. This whole cosmos is, spiritually speaking, God's womb in which he is nurturing his beloved children. One day we will inherit all things along with Jesus Christ our Lord and King, our Saviour and brother.

Love is the strongest force in the universe and it changes us all and transforms us into his nature. Love turns sinners into saints.


Love is stronger than death

There's no desperate struggle going on between good and evil in the universe. God is in total control and always has been and always will be. Yes, he uses evil to accomplish his loving purposes and create his very own nature in us, his children. But this is a necessary part of his plan of salvation that requires us to feel separate from God and therefore have a need to exercise faith in him.

The end of the story is this - God wins! We are changed by grace, transformed into his image and ultimately given a new spiritual body so that we may live with him forever.

That is your destiny and it will not fail.